Seal Coat

Pavement Sealing, Crack Filling and Striping

Does your parking lot, or driveway, need seal coated? Is it cracking or need striped?
Well you are in luck. Seal coat is one of the branches of our company. It is a summer, seasonal service that we now offer to our customers. It will get your asphalt looking like new and ready for any harsh winter weather that may harm it.

Why seal coat is necessary?

Sealing the surface layer of any asphalt product protects it from weather damages and extends its life. Asphalt only has to be sealed every three to five years based on judgment, or professional observation. As a driveway, or parking lot, is exposed to traffic, weather and the sun it begins to erode and separate, forming cracks. Filling them helps slow that process down and holds everything together. Cracks only need to be filled once every couple of years, or as the cracks grow visibly in width and depth.

How we are qualified to seal coat?

Kirack Construction, Inc. has a C-32 license, which is also known as Parking and Highway Improvement. That along, with our experienced employees, makes us highly qualified.

What seal coat services we have available?

• Crack Filling
• Slurry
• Striping

What products we use?

When our seal coat team operates?

Seal coat generally begins in late spring. That is when calls start trickling in to get ready for the warmer weather, which is necessary for this type of work. It then stays consistent throughout the summer, and runs through fall. Once temperatures drop, and stay there, we are forced to stop operating.

What areas our team serves?

Kirack Construction, Inc. serves Lassen and Plumas Counties.