Steel Seamless Rain Gutters

Steel seamless rain gutters was an addition to Kirack Construction, Inc. about 15 years ago. The increase in demand for the household commodity became another building block to our business, and it has thrived ever since. We chose to use steel and seamless systems to provide our customers with the best product fit for our climate, and extreme weather conditions. The durability of steel and effectiveness of seamless makes for a worthwhile “rain catcher.” Protect your most valuable treasure from foundation erosion and icy conditions.

Why gutters are needed?

  • New Home
  • Replacing Worn Out Gutters
  • Repairing Damaged Gutters
  • Divert the melting and snow water from your home and walkways

How we install rain gutters?

Our rain gutters are done by hand. We take the metal, vendor supplied coil and run it through our machine to form it up to shape and size. Once formed, each piece is hung and cut to fit your home.

What gutter services we have available?

All of our estimates are valid for 30 days.
• Gutter
• Downspout
• Removal and Disposal
• Gutter Topper
• Screens
• Fascia Repairs
• Special Cuts
• Leak Repairs

What products we use?

  • Gutters and Downspouts
    • Fascia Gutters
    • 6 inch Gutters
    • 3 inch X 2 inch Downspouts
    • Steel
    • Seamless
    • 22 Different Color Options – Click Here to View Gutter and Downspout Color Chart (Please note that not all colors on the color chart are available. We strictly work with Low Gloss White, Classic Cream, Ivory, Pebblestone Clay, Buckskin Brown, Beaver Brown, Weathered Copper, Musket, Royal Brown, Colonial Red, Black, Storm Gray, Old Town Gray, Colonial Gray, Tahoe Blue, Marine Green, Leaf Green, Forest Green and Copper. Please contact us for more information and clarification.)
      • Gutter and Downspout don’t have to be the same color. They can be different to blend more with your siding and fascia.
    • Paintable
  • Gutter Topper
  • Screens
    • Mesh-like
    • Only comes in black

When we operate our gutter business?

Gutters run 365 days of the year. The ideal time to get rain gutters is during the summer months. Winter weather slows things down a bit, but we do our best to operate around it. Estimates can usually be done anytime. Installs vary depending on weather conditions and material availability.

What areas we service gutters?

Kirack Construction, Inc. serves Susanville and its immediate surrounding areas, including Janesville, Standish, Litchfield, Lake Forest, Eagle Lake, Westwood, Chester, Lake Almanor, Prattville, Greenville, Crescent Mills, Taylorsville, Quincy, Meadow Valley, Bucks Lake, Greenhorn, Cromberg/Sloat, Plumas Eureka Estates, Blairsden, Graeagle, Gold Mountain, Portola, Grizzly Ranch, Whitehawk Ranch, Loyalton, Milford, Herlong and Doyle.